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Hey, i am planning my unRaid build. The only purpose will be a file server with an MariaDB and Nextcloud Docker. Not more.


I am not shure what kind of CPU i should use. The first plan was to use a J3455M-ITX (4x1.6GHz 10W TDP) with 4GB RAM. With a storage PCI card for additional 2 SATA ports then using 6 drives (1x SSD cache, 1/2x parity, 4/3x data).


Then i read the recommendations which are surprisingly low. Now im into less cores and more power. Cause im a team red guy mabe the athlon200ge (2c/4t 3.5GHz 35W TDP) with min. 4 GB RAM. Am4 offers better upgradability in the future...


My goal is a most efficient and rock solid build with no bottlenecks for file transfer in my gigabit network; and a studder free use of nextcloud with max. 4 users.


ITX or mATX depends on the price. Case is not chosen yet. (Fracal design define mini or node 304)


What is your recommendation for the CPU?


Thank you!



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