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(SOLVED) Server 2019 can't find vdisk to install to

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I'm fairly new to VMs in general, much less Unraid and KVM.  Running 6.6.7 and using the Server 2016 template for the vm and I've added 2 separate vdisks of 60 and 100G to see what I can do, but the install can't see it.


I've tried the virtio-win-0.1.160-1 and 0.1.164 but I'm not getting any success.


Did I miss something easy?



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You have to specify the driver for the vdisk by hand at the beginning of the installation process. At the stage where you have to select a drive to install the OS on to, you see a empty list, right? On the bottom you should see "install driver". Click that and navigate to your mounted virtio-win........iso and select the driver for the type of vdisk bus you have selected in the Unraid settings. I think you should find them under viostor or or vioscsi. You have to select the right OS and architecture. If 2k19 isn't listed select the latest one. Should be 2k16. Or try the W10 drivers, might also work. Select amd64 for the x64 and install the driver. After that you should see a disk in the list. If none of the drivers work switch your vdisk bus type in the VM settings to sata. 

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Ah! You called it!


select the driver for the type of vdisk bus you have selected in the Unraid settings

Yeah thanks.  I initially left the vdisk bus as the virtio and didn't realize it needed to be something else and/or match the install type that I was using. Thanks for the help! 

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