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  1. @Chenhi Be careful with this. Don't blindly passthrough what is shown. If the GPU for example is in the same group with one of your NVME drives or an storage controller this will cause your server to crash and in the worste case a data loss. Only passthrough devices which really belong to the device which you want for example the USB controller and the audio part of your card. Sometimes it might help to use another PCIe slot for the device you wanna passthrough.
  2. @Jaster I bet you copied the xml of a running VM and used it for other VMs. Default entry for a none running VM for VNC looks something like the following: <graphics type='vnc' port='-1' autoport='yes' websocket='-1' listen='' keymap='de'> <listen type='address' address=''/> </graphics> The "port" option is set to auto and counts up with each new VM you start. If you hardcode a value in, it tries to use that port and if in use by another VM you get that error. If I look into a the same xml from that VM while online it looks like
  3. @GoustiFruit Check your AdBlock Lists (I guess pihole). For me there was an Microsoft Server blocked used by unraid to check network connectivity and prevented me to update Unraid. I had to whitelist "". Maybe the process to activate Unraid uses the same server for checks.
  4. @GoustiFruit Make sure your server has internet access. Trial versions don't run without an active internet connection.
  5. As long as you use VNC + GPU passthrough you won't get any video output from your GPU. Remove the VNC GPU and report back.
  6. @Schmeckles23 Unraid 6.9 will support the sensors for the newer Ryzen chips. You can already use one of the BETA builds, wait for the stable version or fiddle around with a custom kernel. It's up on you 😄
  7. Small observations I noticed for a couple weeks now. Every morning at 6am I do a automated BTRFS snapshot for my VMs on the cache drive to an UD drive. This works for over a year without any issues so far. What I have noticed starting on 23.11.2020 is that the allocation of the UD drive isn't shown correctly when I visit the main page after the snapshot anymore. The snapshots are created as usual (70-80G per day) but the allocation isn't showing the new values. I see the same values as the day before. Refreshing the main page isn't triggering a rescan of the drive. I am on 6.8.3 and installing
  8. What devices are you passing through to the VM?
  9. @doesntaffect What devices are you passing through to the VM? Any USB devices, controllers or disks? A complete diagnostic would be helpful
  10. Remove that part from the "cpu mode" section from your xml so it looks like the following and try again with more cores. <topology sockets='1' cores='1' threads='2'/> Not sure how you got that option in there. I never saw Unraid adding that option by itself.
  11. @Fabiolander Do you have any VMs running? Can you try to shut them down and restart the docker engine. I saw a comment yesterday a guy reporting that some WebUI elements in unraid not showing up or for example only 2 out of 3 running VMs are showing on the Dashboard. Maybe you have some similar issues caused by the VM engine.
  12. @Fabiolander Maybe try the "binhex krusader" docker from the app store. Looks like you using the older version. I use the binhex version for quite some time now without any issues. Not sure if the old one is still maintained but I think this was the reason I switched to the binhex container.
  13. I know it's using NoVNC. Sry, my bad, maybe the wrong wording. I wanted to say there is no so called "NoVNC" option for me.
  14. @Fabiolander I never came across a docker where a VNC option is available. Krusader for me if started shows a WebUI link which perfectly works fine to access the docker.
  15. @abhi.ko As long as the OS isn't fully loaded no tools like Splashtop or Teamviewer will work. Easiest way is to passthrough a USB keyboard (wireless won't work).