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  1. @SpaceInvaderOne After updating to the latest release, FCP gives me the following error: The path on the unassigned device where the vdisks are on is mounted as "RW-Slave" Also worth to mention, there are a couple shinobi paths in the template now which i never added myself. Also I never used shinobi before.
  2. @deadnote Search the forums for "Nested Virtualization" and you will find a couple things that might help you.
  3. @Userpaul You have a couple options. Set a static DHCP reservation on your router for the lan port you wanna use on your server or as Johnnie adviced remove these two files, reboot and go to settings>>>network and reaply a static IP for the interface you wanna use.
  4. @CoZ Check your router if it blocks NAT reflection. For example on pfsense on default accessing the external WAN interface from inside your local private network will be blocked. Most routers have such an option, sometimes called differently. In your example if you try to access your DDNS domain, your router already knows the target IP of the domain, his own public interface and therefore it will be blocked. https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/book/nat/nat-reflection.html
  5. I quickly went through your logs but except from some bad SMART values of one of your drives (500GB Seagate Barracuda, disk 16 sdh ST3500630AS, high read error rate) I can't really tell whats up with your dropped network connection. network config is in place and looks ok to me. I guess you already tried to use another browser, clear browser cache etc. If not, try this. Double check your routers DHCP configuration and make sure the IP of the server is outside of that range so no other device grabs that IP. Check if maybe the router somehow blocks http/https connections to your server. Maybe @johnnie.black or @trurl can have an eye on this and have an idea what the cause is.
  6. @Userpaul My bad "diagnostics" ending with 's'
  7. @sub6 Your IOMMU groups (31+32) shows another SATA controller. You can see them in the lstopo as well (PCI 1022:7901). Could be that your motherboard already has the controller on board without physical connections, reserved for higher tier boards. Thats what confused me. So, forget about that. If you have another ssd or an old hdd laying around, I would test the passthrough with another disk and the same xml. Not sure, but in the past users with some intel ssd's had issues as well. Can't remember which model. Maybe it's an specific thing with this Samsung SSD and your SATA controller.
  8. If you boot unraid in GUI mode you should be able to use "lstopo" to generate an overview to see how devices are connected together. Example output: Edit: Adjust the path for your needs so you can find the picture. lstopo /mnt/user/appdata/topology.png
  9. @Userpaul Type diagnostic via CLI and post it. I think you should find the file in the logs directory on your Flash Drive.
  10. @darkside40 I removed it earlier today after the update showed the issue with UD, 2 hours ago. I left the server running and after your post I reinstalled it and no error this time. Maybe bonienl already released a fixed version 🤨
  11. I didn't noticed the error in my tests earlier today. I quickly installed the plugin again and now the UD devices are showing up again with the plugin installed. Weird. Nothing changed since my last post.
  12. Did you checked with "ip a" that your ip is still in place? Do you have a VM setup with autostart on server boot and a device passthrough active?
  13. Updated the sleep plugin and the UD stopped showing devices @bonienl I'am currently on 6.8.3. Edit: Removing the "S3 sleep plugin" brought back all devices in UD. Edit2: I can reproduce the issue be reinstalling the plugin fresh from the community apps. UD devices will dissapear.
  14. Please login to your server via a browser and go under tools >>> diagnostics and post the logs so people can better give you support.
  15. Kinda weird to routinely check your plugin page for maybe one or two updates and apply them. But than you see this First i though maybe it's a late april's fool by one of the devs, you never know 😂 After checking this forum and see the post from @bonienl I realised the update orgy is real. Thanks for the great work again.