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  1. bastl

    Linux Mint VM template.

    @Jetjockey Mint is based on Debian, Ubuntu. Try one of these, i guess both will work. Can't remember which one i have chosen. I have a 30GB vdisk attached whith a allocation of 7-8GB for a basic Mint 19 xfce install.
  2. bastl

    No/Crackling Audio in 10.3.6 VM

    @Magicaldave please remove the part after from your xml in the first post. This key is publicly available, sure, but apple sued people for puplishing this key. If you watched the videos from Spaceinvaders you should already know this.
  3. @administrator recheck the msi fix after each Windows and Nvidia update. It happened twice for me now that the patched settings disappeared and i had to reapply them.
  4. @Jomp Try the "Libvirt Hotplug USB" plugin. In the VM tab you can attach a USB device to a running VM. Works for me with every Phone and Tablet i tested.
  5. Small info on my setup. I have one M.2 plugged in the top slot and one in the lower left. The right one is empty. If i remember correctly, if you're using a U.2 device, one of the M.2 slots won't work. If you use something on the U.2 port i guess, one of the M.2 won't never work and not like in your case, randomly fail. One case i can think of besides a faulty drive or faulty slot is if you occupy all your PCIe slots there might be some sharing of the lanes happen.
  6. @harshl Sorry i misread something. I thought your printer is connected to the UPS. As mentioned earlier, your UPS might be set to sensitive to power fluctuations. I remember an kinda similar behaviour in a small office couple years ago. From time to time the server they had, randomly decided to shutdown by the UPS. It was in kinda old building with really old wiring. After months of searching for the cause, the issue was found. The neigbour sometimes used some welding equipment in the basement and caused the UPS to think the power isn't clean enough and triggered the server to shutdown. Btw don't think that the settings you made in Windows are there until you change it by your own. With nearly every Windows update i have to reapply the MSI fix, not for all. Same for the power settings. I had it twice now, that the power plan was changed back to balanced from high performance. This happened on a test VM i randomly startup, install updates and shut it down again as well as on my main VM.
  7. That's the error message you should get if the reset bug happens. Can you please check if your VM power settings are set to performance and not to balanced. For me it looks like your VM goes into standby or sleep state. This could happen because it's idlling for to long or the UPS gives a signal to the controller software, both could be the reason. Make sure to disable any kind of software from the UPS inside the VM and disable sleep. And why the hell are you connecting your laser printer to an UPS? To shut it down safely during a power outake? These devices pulling lots of power when heating up or during a print job. You don't really need to connect it to a UPS. The main reason for a UPS is to safely shutdown your server and prevent a hard reset.
  8. bastl

    windows 10 won't istall

    Skip the network part during initial Windows install and install the driver later from the mounted virtio iso. If you are done the Windows install go to your device manager and install the missing drivers. @boumanp
  9. bastl

    Getting microphone on VM?

    If your soundcard is separated in it's own IOMMU group, try passthrough the sound card and the mic should work. Another option might be to use an external USB sound card for passthrough. Only passthrough the mic wont work.
  10. bastl

    Access through my DDNS won't work.

    I bet nearly everyone will suggest you to use an VPN into your home network and not directly put your server on the internet.
  11. @harshl What exactly is your issue with the M.2 slots? I have the same board working for almost 1 year with the same 3.30 BIOS for a couble months now and 2 M.2 drives installed. 500GB Samsung 960 EVO as cache and another 960 PRO as a passthrough for my main Win10 VM. Last one first installed as only M.2 with a bare metal Windows 10 Install, later passed through. I never had any issues with these drives.
  12. bastl

    Can't start any game on VM

    Drive D is a passed through SSD and drive G is the library directly at the array. No caching is involved. I don't use any SteamLink sort of streaming of my games. If i fire up a game, i play it inside the VM directly.
  13. bastl

    Can't start any game on VM

    @Jaster Just simple mount the SMB share in Win10 with a User that is configured in Unraid to connect and than in the Steam settings > Downloads > click Steam Library Folder and add a new one.
  14. bastl

    Can't start any game on VM

    @Jaster For me all my Steam Games on a network share are working. Origin had some problems, but never had any issues with steam no matter if I add a steam library entry for the already mounted network share or hard linking the direktory to the local steam folder. I some cases users reported some copy protection mechanisms doesnt like to run from a network drive.
  15. bastl

    Printing from a Win10 VM

    Another option would be the "Libvirt Hotplug USB" plugin. You should be able to attach any connected USB device on the VM page to a running VM. Didn't tried it with a printer myself, but all my USB devices like a external CD drive, USB sticks and even a smartphone works.