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  1. JeffWidick

    [support] limetech's docker repository

    Hello, are there any plans to update to 1.15 version any time soon?
  2. JeffWidick

    VM settings hangs at "Updating"

    Your edit mentions that you removed a plugin and issue resolved itself. I'm having the same issue trying to edit one of my VM's. What plugin did you remove?
  3. JeffWidick

    Jump Drive/Key Replacement

    That did it. Happy it was an easy, quick fix! Thanks so much for the fast response!
  4. JeffWidick

    Jump Drive/Key Replacement

    Help! I was trying to replace my jump drive with a new one and I certainly missed a step. The new jump drive started a new tower with an invalid key. I still have my old jump drive but trying to boot from it no longer works. I'm not sure how to either boot from old jump drive, or if I click on replace key for the new jump drive I don't want to loose data from my drives or loose my settings. Any guidance will be helpful?