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Jump Drive/Key Replacement


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Help!  I was trying to replace my jump drive with a new one and I certainly missed a step.  The new jump drive started a new tower with an invalid key.  I still have my old jump drive but trying to boot from it no longer works.  I'm not sure how to either boot from old jump drive, or if I click on replace key for the new jump drive I don't want to loose data from my drives or loose my settings.  Any guidance will be helpful?

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Can you copy the config folder from the old flash drive? It has everything about your configuration, including the .key file with your license.


If you prepare the new flash as a new install with the latest stable, then copy the config folder from the old flash to it, it should boot up with all your previous settings including your drive assignments. And it will let you get a new key for the new flash drive.

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