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VMs stuck on updating when allowing for usb passthrough or changing cores.

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Hi, I'm running unraid 6.6.7


My plugins are CA Autoupdate, CA Backup/Restore AppData, CA, denyhosts, dynamix Active streams, Dynamix Auto Fan Control, Dynamix SCSI Devices, Dynamix SSD TRIM, Dynamix System Information, Fix Common Problems, Nerd Tools, Preclear Disks, Speedtest Command Line Tool, Statistics, and WoL Support.


The hardware i am running; are dual E5-2643 in a Supermicro - X9DR3-F, with 32GB ECC Ram, and a gtx 980 GPU.


Here is my problem;


I'm setting up a Windows 10 VM that was initially created using i440fx but for performance upgrades I created a new VM using Q35-3.0. I pointed the new vm at the old .img file and everything worked great. On further tuning, I saw [in a SpaceinvadersOne YT video] that it's best to leave cpu 0-1 unused as that's typically what docker containers use. The problem I am having is anytime I switch CPU [cores? I could be using the wrong term here] and click 'update' the system hangs on updating and never applies. Similarly, when enabling a Logitech usb receiver on this system and select update the exact same hanging happens.


Any help is really appreciated!






I have shutdown VMs in attempt to further figure out what's going on and upon attempt to start VMS I get the error "Libvirt Service failed to start.". I have attached a second set of diagnostics logs.





I removed the VM that was not allowing for updates. I created a new VM w/ all the proper settings already setup that I was trying to change in previous attempts and just pointed the new vm to the old harddisk image and everything booted up normally. All is working fine now.

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