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Dr. Ew

GPU Virtualization

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GPU pass-through is no doubt a great tool for unraid, but I am very curious about virtualized GPU's. I am just starting to research it right now. But it seems NVIDIA Grid and AMD MxGPU are the available options. I could have sworn I heard of other, open source, ways to do it.


The use-case would be for remote VM's. Is it possible to use my installed GPU's to provide graphics acceleration for virtual machines? In my layman mind, it seems to me, it should be possible to do with one VM, without advanced software. Or, by rerouting the output of the GPU somehow.


MxGPU and GRID do this, but are geared toward multi-users, running lots of VM's. For me, it would be an option to purchase the Tesla or Quadro GPU's and software to do this, if unraid supports such. But, even better if I can use my current GPU's to accelerate VM Graphics. In my various unraid servers, I have RX580's, 1080TI's, 1060's, and an RTX2080. Wondering if I can utilize any of those for this purpose.

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Oh, and also, along the same lines, I jumped down a rabbit hole searching for VNC or Virtual Desktop Software that can display multiple monitors from one VM; couldn't find much yet. Anyone know of software to accoomplish this? (It looks like another feature of Grid/MxGPU.

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