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replacement of my unraid server

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hi all, thank for taking a look and providing feedbacks.


I am trying to look for solution to mount a 2U chassis or changing the whole chassis to fit into my Electrical Cabinet (contain the breaker) which i have mounted StarTech.com 4U Wall Mount Patch Panel Bracket. This now have 1U network switch,1 tray that hold a mini pc that is intel J1900 for Sophos UTM and a PDU.

The PDU i am planning to screw it into the side of the cabinet so that i have another 1U space to put the 2U chassis unraid.


When i run my unraid setup, the PSU fan will spin up quite loud even the cabinet door is close and it will get hot over time, so i have move it to a common room which i can still close the room and have proper wind. 
This common room my wife planning to set up another bed room if we want to have kids.


What part can i change so that i can have less heat,less noise and power consumption.

our electrical bill now is charge @ $0.17/kWh, and i dont know how much it will be as i have just move it from my parent place to our own place.



my unraid setup is.

CPU: 2 Xeon E5-2630 v0

Motherboard: Supermicro X9DR7-LN4F Dual Socket LGA 2011 Motherboard with SAS 

RAM: 2GB * 24 ECC DDR 3

Chassis: 2U Chassis with 8 front hard disk tray  hot-swap

Storage: 1 8TB partity WD Red

              3 * 4TB WD Red

              4 * 1TB hard disk

              1 * 256GB SSD for cache

Fans: 4x Noctua NF-A8 ULN whole chassis + 2x Noctua NF-A6x25 PWM for the 2U Heatsink for CPU

Power Supply: 600W


THank you for reading.

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