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Issues with GPU passthrough

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Hey guys,


I've been browsing the forums and various youtube and online tutorials but still cannot get my GTX 550Ti to passthrough to my VM.


I can boot the machine ok with that card passed through, it shows up as functional and good both in GPU-z & in device manager (no error 43, no nothing, just says all is good). The issue is that after about 30s or so the machine fully locks down & my remote session is terminated. The 4 cores assigned are then pinned to 100% for the indefinite future. During this "crash" I get no syslog error, no VM error in the logs, nothing.


I really have no idea how to sort this since I don't seem to be getting any error messages I can google.


Other things to note :

  • I'm using a bios I dumped from the card with my main PC (older card so don't need to modify header).
  • The card is working ok on my main PC.
  • I can pass through a 1060 no problem, with no crashes & no issue, with identical XML (except card & bios location ofc). Only the 550Ti is causing me issues.
  • Tried both PCIE slots on my MOBO.
  • Tried turning Hyper-V off (? read it somewhere, changes nothing).
  • I'm connecting using Microsoft RDP. If I use VNC as primary and GTX550ti as secondary I still get the same crash and everything just freezes (no BSOD, nothing).
  • Something that seems important : my default XML config with my GTX550ti only allows me one good boot, once it has inevitable crashed the VM will still launch, but gets stuck on some sort of 100% CPU pin that eventually settles down but allows me no access. The logs are still good during this second weird boot. The only way to get my GTX550ti back into a VM without a full server reboot is setting it a secondary GPU with either iGPU as primary or VNC, but it will also crash after 30s. After a HARD server reboot I can start up (only once) my VM again with 550 as primary GPU.
  • I cannot for the life of me be able to get some sort of HDMI output from the card when the VM is launched, I can remote in no problems, but a monitor plugged into the card's HDMI port shows no input (?)


Running the whole thing on an i7 3770 (non K), both HVM: Enabled and IOMMU: Enabled in unRAID GUI.


Both diagnostics and XML can be found attached to this post.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


tower-diagnostics-20190713-0826.zip xml for windows VM.txt

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@SomeRandomSod Try to setup a VM as seabios and try the GPU passthrough. If I remember correctly the 5xx series cards are not UEFI compatible.

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3 hours ago, bastl said:

@SomeRandomSod Try to setup a VM as seabios and try the GPU passthrough. If I remember correctly the 5xx series cards are not UEFI compatible.

Thanks for the advice ! I did as you requested and it's somewhat better, I can use the 550ti as primary GPU and it's now outputting to a monitor from that HDMI port so it's progress !


However I can't at all get the 550ti to show up in device manager, it's obviously working (I've got a monitor hooked up to it !) but it's not showing up. Just shows "Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor". I cannot install drivers for it either since the OS does not detect the card so Nvidia just says it cannot continue because it can't find compatible hardware.


Any advice?

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Not actual sure if the current Windows driver supports that old card, but choosing the right driver download on the Nvidia site should work. Which version of the Nvidia driver are you trying to install?

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@bastl I'm so retarded, forgot that the driver version I had was for my 1060 I used for testing the IOMMU capabilities (to be sure the issue was the GPU) ! Downloaded the correct version of the drivers and they installed perfectly :)


Thanks a ton for your help it all seems to be working great now :)

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Not that I did the mistake with the driver myself before 😂


It just happens 😁

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