Anyone use LSI SAS2008 based card in Ryzen 4x pcie chipset slot?

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I'm thinking of buying one of these cards for my unraid box (real limited options for good sata cards with greater than 2 ports btw) and stumbled across this thread:

For my purposes, I'm going to run this in the 4x pcie 2.0 (16x physical) on my ryzen x470 board. I want to keep the other slots for graphics cards. So that thread gave me pause.

There are no Ryzen examples there, so I was wondering if anyone is doing this successfully?

I also thought maybe they needed to cover some of the pins on their card but that seems like a different issue.

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I'm using a MSI x470 Gaming Plus. But I was more looking to see if anyone had installed that card on any Ryzen board in their chipset controlled slot and had it detect for some piece of mind.


I have some old PCI-e cards that just will not detect on this board that detect fine on other platforms, but they're all PCIe 1.0 devices.

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