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Issues with Youtube Playback

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Hi Forum,


I am having an issue with my UnRAID server. It is quite a strange one, When starting a YouTube video it only sometimes actually starts to playback. It buffers ahead and loads the content but it won't play. If I refresh the page it sometimes works, but not always. Please see screenshot attached.

It is quite a serious issue for me as I use YouTube as a mainstay for entertainment and will diminish the use case I have for UnRAID.


My system specs: -

MSI B150m Gaming Pro motherboard

Intel core i5 6500 cpu

MSI GTX 1060 6gb Gaming X graphics card

16gb of 2133mhz RAM


Drive array: - 

1.5tb HDD as parity

500gb HDD as drive 1

500gb SSD as cache 1

16gb Flash drive as boot


Config: -

The specific reason I want to use UnRAID for is my home server. I want to run a Windows VM that is my main system, while I have other VM's/Docker containers in the background running PLEX as a docker container or running a Video Game Server on Linux etc.


I have configured my Windows 10 VM to pass-through the GTX 1060gb. The internal graphics are being used as the "main" graphics for UnRAID.


Please see attached XML Config of VM as well since I see a lot of forum posts ask for this.


XML Config.xml

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Just to clarify. Are you talking about Youtube running in a browser within your Windows VM?

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11 hours ago, trurl said:

Just to clarify. Are you talking about Youtube running in a browser within your Windows VM?

Oh yes forgot to mention, YouTube is running within the VM on Google Chrome. 


I've been running some tests and after doing Windows Updates, it seems to playback more often than freeze. Running Windows 1903 btw.

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