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Stopping a VM and starting another will eventually crash unRAID

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Generally happy with unRAID, but one problem has been puzzling me lately.


I'm running 6.7.2 on a six-core Haswell-E.  A few VMs set up..  Two are headless, one linux and one macOS.  Three have pass-through video cards -- one running macOS which is always running, and a Windows 10 vm that trades places with a libreelec vm depending on if I'm gaming or not.


All the VMs are smooth and stable.  I can game on the Windows machine while Photoshopping on the macOS machine all day, no hiccups.  The problem is when I start switching between libreelec and Windows.  They use the same hardware setup, pass through video card, USB card, etc..  with the exception that I allocate less memory and CPU cores to the libreelec vm.


After switching back and forth a few times, eventually it'll throw an error when starting up the one I want.  An execution error, telling me that a resource is unavailable.  Shortly afterwards, unRAID will lock up completely, and I'll have to hard-reset the server and check parity yet again.


Also, when the server comes back up after this event, the VM tab is invariably missing.  I need to go back into settings and re-enable.


Any advice?  With this one exception, everything seems to be running perfectly.

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