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Hey everyone, I've got a problem with Docker, currently one container refuses to stop, I've tried a number of methods to stop it and nothing is working.
I've also tried to capture diagnostics files by the web gui and via the diagnostics command and both just hang. The container itself is a nextcloud container but I've had problems with other conatainers in the past, I've tried recreating the docker.img in the past too, but that only seems to fix the problem temporarily, So I assume something I'm running is causing it.

Any help or ideas would be appricated!

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Well I've now tried safe mode and it was working for awhile, but the nextcloud container has hung again and like last time only way to fix it is to force the sever to reboot with the power button. Diagnostics collection still doesn't work, just hangs saying it is collecting diagnostics.

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I'm currently now having this same issue with the Nextcloud docker after upgrading to NC 20.0.4   I wonder if it's Nextcloud...  Didn't have any issues on v17.   I've also try starting with a fresh new copy of the Netcloud docker along with a new MariaDB - didn't seem to help.


Curious if you ever solved this?

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I'm having the same problem with an Emby docker. It could happen with more, but this is the only one I'm running. It just happened yesterday, and is happening again now. Multiple cores are at 100%, and it can't be stopped. I even tried /etc/rc.d/rc.docker stop to stop the entire docker service and that doesn't work either. I'm on 6.9.1 but this is not new. It has been happening since at least 6.8.3. 


I think I'm gonna have to set up a Centos server and run Emby in a VM until this gets addressed. The fact that this thread seems to be dead does not look promising, but here I go sending it back to the top with a new post. We'll see. 

I forgot that I had opted to use the Binhex version of the Emby container. Just for giggles I replaced it with the official version from the folks at Emby. Not only is it running without incident, but it's faster. Imagine that. At one point I thought I knew better. 

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