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  1. Well I've now tried safe mode and it was working for awhile, but the nextcloud container has hung again and like last time only way to fix it is to force the sever to reboot with the power button. Diagnostics collection still doesn't work, just hangs saying it is collecting diagnostics.
  2. Hey everyone, I've got a problem with Docker, currently one container refuses to stop, I've tried a number of methods to stop it and nothing is working. I've also tried to capture diagnostics files by the web gui and via the diagnostics command and both just hang. The container itself is a nextcloud container but I've had problems with other conatainers in the past, I've tried recreating the docker.img in the past too, but that only seems to fix the problem temporarily, So I assume something I'm running is causing it. Any help or ideas would be appricated!
  3. Hey everyone, So I've been loving your SteamCMD containers, I've been using the Colony Survival one mainly, only problem I've had with it though is that it doesn't shutdown the server properly when stopping the container and so it doesn't save the world and can corrupt the save file. I did a bit of digging and theirs no save command to force the server to save, so you'd need to probably modify the way it runs the colony survival so that it can shutdown the server properly. Keep up the great work!