Want to change out mainboard - which one?

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Currently have an Intel i7-3930k processor which is still fast and powerful enough to run a nice unraid box. I also have 8 DDR3 chips adding up to 32GB of memory. So instead of replacing the processor and memory, I just want to replace the mainboard. The socket would be LGA-2011. I really would like to try out a Gigabyte model since I have never owned one. I always stuck with Asus but am ready for a change. Anyone recommend a good LGA-2011 Gigabye board with at least 8 memory slots ( can be 4 if it has to be ) and 3 PCI-E slots? I see so many "gaming" boards out there, but I'm also looking for virtualization capabilities. Been on Ebay since the LGA-2011 socket isn't made anymore and most boards are pre-owned with those sockets.

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