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SATA Card Suggestions

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New to unraid... Looking for a recommendation for a SATA controller for my new server. 


I'm coming from a Dell Server 2900 (old)


New Equipment

- MSI Gaming Plus MOBO

- AMD 3900x (lucky to find one in stock)

- H100i Liquid Cooler

- 16gb DDR4 (will double in a few months)

- Current Drives

--  4 256gb SSD's (for vm storage and usage)

--  2 8tb WD 


My Current drives are plugged into the MOBO Sata Ports, I plan on 9 more 2tb drives from my old server. What would be a good card to either run all 15 drives from or just the 9 more?



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I am new to unraid, too. But I based the decision on my SATA controller on... *drum rolls* ... The Hardware Compatibility List from the unraid-wiki 😁

Seems like the easiest way for you is buying a Highpoint RocketRAID 2740 or the recommended LSI SAS 9201-16i, both with 16 slots. I have no idea about the prices, though.

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