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How to add command to docker container

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Trying to install Adb docker and have tried using label and passing arguments field but no luck getting the whole command below entered.


sh -c "/config/startup.sh & adb -a -P 5037 server nodaemon"


The video is below is what I’m trying to do and the screenshots are from the video showing what the command is and how it should look like in portainer. Right now I don’t have the first part of the command showing under the CMD field (sh -c "/config/startup.sh) before the ‘&’.


What is the syntax?


here is what I have tried in the extra parameters 


-cmd='sh -c "/config/startup.sh & adb -a -P 5037 server nodaemon"'




sh -c "/config/startup.sh & adb -a -P 5037 server nodaemon"





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On 9/16/2019 at 11:59 AM, Ustrombase said:

extra parameters

You would want post arguments

CMD (default command or options)

Recall the optional COMMAND in the Docker commandline:


This command is optional because the person who created the IMAGE may have already provided a default COMMAND using the Dockerfile CMD instruction. As the operator (the person running a container from the image), you can override that CMD instruction just by specifying a new COMMAND.

If the image also specifies an ENTRYPOINT then the CMD or COMMAND get appended as arguments to the ENTRYPOINT.


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