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Dedicated media server built from scratch

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I need a bit of advice...I've been running an Unraid/PLEX server, built from an old workstation PC, for the last 2yrs. While it's still running great, I've decided to build a dedicated PLEX media server using modern components. I've been searching the forums for days but have yet to find what I'm looking for. If there's a link to point me towards, please do. Here's the pertinent info:


Download OTA (PLEX DVR) using a HAUPPAUGE WinTV-quadHD card

Attached streaming device will be an Amazon Fire device

Transcoding no more than 2 streams (rarely) at a time

Serving movies over my wired network in 4K HDR

Power and memory enough to get the job done...smoothly


No gaming, no streaming shows to wireless devices, no anything else; I'm just looking to build a strong, reliable PLEX media box.


Any MB/CPU/memory suggestions for this task would be very appreciated. Much of what I've been reading involves doing much more with the server than I have planned. I'm of the school that if it's not needed, I don't want it hanging around waiting to cause problems. The goal is to build a quality, dedicated device without all the weirdness of a computer that's being asked to do a bit of everything.


Thanks for the help!



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