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Norco 4020 build - First Unraid Build

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     So over the years I have had different versions of a server, Win7, then Windows Home Server, then Windows Home Server 2011, then QNAP TS870Pro (Still using as offsite backup), then QNAP TVS871, and now unRaid


     When I had my Windows home server versions running I was using a Norco 4020 case with a bunch of 1Tb and 2TB drives, and then when Windows Home server was discontinued and I wanted something more robust and easy to use (Being a windows guy) So I got my QNAP TS870Pro and had it filed with 3TB drives. I soon ran out of space for my Plex server and needed more space. I could upgrade to larger 4-6TB drives at the time, but I also wanted 4k output as I dat them directly connected to my tv. So I upgraded to the QNAP TVS871 and filed it with 4TB drives, and then later upgraded to 8TB. Then earlier this year I was running low on space. (8TB left) so I decided to take the plunge and try out unraid.


     So I started testing it out and fell in love with it, as it reminded me of the Windows Home server days. I almost sold my old Norco 4020 case and glad I did not. I started to test fit items ant try to figure out how I wanted to set everything up.


     Fist issue was the old fan wall, (9x 80mm Fans) and it was noisy. Was going to buy the Norco 3x 120mm fan wall and replace it. But the PC I was going to put in the case was my old gaming PC and the processor was watercooled and was going to need to buy a new cooler or find a way to use the watercooler that I had to save money.


     Well after some tinkering and debating on what to do I decided to make my own fan wall that I could use the radiator with. Went to home depot and got a piece of sheet metal and got my dremal out and went to work. (Forgot to take pics)


      So i got it installed and running been using it for a few weeks now, got everything transferred and all seems to be working great. (Currently on my office floor)



Norco 4020 Case (Old version - New version = 4220)

     Custom Fan wall for radiator w/ 3x 120mm Noctua Fans

     2x 80mm Noctua case fans

Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

AMD FX-9590 Eight-Core @ 4.7 GHz

32 GB Ram

Nvidia RTX 2070

1x 512GB NVME via PCIe Card (Could not fit 2 so no redundancy) - Cache Drive

Kingston DataTraveler SE9 32GB USB2.0 Flash Drive (Boot Drive)

Corsair HX1050 Power Supply


LSI SAS 9211-8i 6Gb/s PCIe (IT-MODE) - ebay $59.99

HP 24/28 Bay Port 6Gb SAS SATA Expander Card (most current firmware) - ebay $42.95


Both card I have installed a Noctua 40x10mm fan on the heat sinks


I did not have enough available PCIe slots for the HP expansion card, so knowing that it only needs power from the PCIE slot I purchased a Graphics Card Vertical Kickstand from amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JR3M6T4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)

and a Multi-Interface PCI-E Riser from amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C2TS4MV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1)

I did not use the magnetic base, (No magnets that close to my board for me), so I got some screws from Home Depot and screwed it from the bottom.


Mini SAS cables from Monoprice to connect from Controller to Expander Card (1x) and expander card to backplane (5x) (https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=301&cp_id=30105&cs_id=3010503&p_id=8189&seq=1&format=2)



2x 8TB WD (Shucked Drives) - Parity


Array (144TB)

1x 6TB WD (Shucked Drives)

3x 4TB WD (Shucked Drives)

12x 8TB WD (Shucked Drives)


Off-site backup to QNAP TS870Pro (8x 4TB Drives) Only important files (Docs, Pics, Music) (Also Shucked drives)


Goal is to store all DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray, and 4K movies/TV I have. (Slowly getting there Ripping TV shows suck)

Be able to stream / transcode Multi streams including 4K. (Hence the RTX 2070) transcoding is also sent to Cache drive)


Running Unraid 6.8.0-rc1 (Nvidia Version)


Plugins being used:

   CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

   CA Backup / Restore Appdata

   CA Cleanup Appdata

   CA Dynamix Unlimited Width

   CA Mover Tuning

   Community Applications

   Disk Location

   Dynamix Active Streams

   Dynamix Cache Directories

   Dynamix SSD TRIM

   Dynamix System Information

   Dynamix System Statistics

   Dynamix System Temperature

   Enhanced Log Viewer

   File Activity

   Fix Common Problems

   GUI Links

   Nerd Tools

   Network Statistics

   Speedtest Command Line Tool

   Tips and Tweaks

   Unassigned Devices

   Unraid Nvidia


Dockers Installed:















   Zoneminder (playing with as I have a standalone NVR))


Now for what you came to see pics:


Front of Case:



Case Open



View of my self made fan wall



Angle from other side to show radiator, and HP card (with Noctua fan) installed using the Standoff w/ PCI Riser Card



Top View of the HP card setup



From top to Bottom:

   NVMA Pcie Card (512GB)

   LSI Controller

   RTX 2070



Top View of motherboard



Another Angle



Hope you enjoyed. Would love any and all feedback. (Good or bad) or questions.


Just a shout out to the whole unRaid community for your help, whether it be old posts I found info from, or posts I made that you responded on. (Linux is all new to me) Thanks so much.

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Very nice I like it! Has it been stable and reliable? What kind of read/write speeds are you getting on the array? The HP expansion card with the Graphics Card Vertical Kickstand & Multi-Interface PCI-E Riser is interesting, has it had or caused any problems?

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Short answer is that is has been stable and reliable, no issues yes. Now I can't tell you the speeds off hand as I am still adding drives into the array as I pulled them from my old qnap. 


Also what is the best way to test the Array Speeds?


Also I might switch my HP card out for an intel that finally showed up, as it has only 6 ports (1 in - 5 out) as all my backplane needs is the 5 out  ,and then use the HP in the future for an expansion case (Should I run out of space) as it has more outs than the intel. (Also the intel can be powered via a plugged in molex on the top of card or just use the riser card setup.)


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Ok so i found speed disk docker and used it, its about half way through running but getting the same results across the board basically. here is a screen shot of the report if that helps.



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