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So I am looking at building a second server for my mothers house. It will be used by her as a primary, only to store photos, videos, and important documents. Basically just backing up her home computer. I will also be using it as an off-site backup of my server, but again only the most important files like photos and documents. I need this thing to have a small footprint, be quiet, and use as little power as possible while still giving us good performance. I am planning on using duplicati for the backups. So at this stage I am looking for suggestions for hardware, case, mobo, cpu, basically everything I will need that will fit within the parameters I am looking for. I am planning on re-purposing the HDD I am taking out of my server right now as I am upgrading from 6tb drives to 12tb drives. So the current plan is to have the backup have 3x 6tb drives (1 parity, 2 data), and 1 small ssd. I know that amount is probably overkill, but it is what I have at hand. Also, the grand plan is to build several of these machines and have them be an entire backup web. My entire family wants me to do this for them, so in total I would be looking at my main server (already built) and in the long run 4 of these smaller servers (each with backups of each other). If at all possible, I would like to use a case with 2x 5.25 external slots so I can do a 2-to-3 hot swap cage on each of these for ease of maintenance. So the internals only have to support the psu, mobo, and 1 ssd. 

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