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Docker image 92%

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   I am new to Unraid and i am trying to find a way to make my docker image larger but i don't know where or what to do i keep getting this red error. i have attached a picture of what the problem is, any help is appreciated.



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Making it larger isn't the solution. You almost certainly have one or more of your applications writing to a path that isn't mapped.


Go to Tools - Diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics zip file to your NEXT post.

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Your system share is on the array instead of on cache where it should be. That isn't the cause of your problem but it is something we can fix along the way to fixing your other problems.


Do you have any VMs?


You are actually having hardware problems with multiple disks, possibly a controller or power issue. It should be apparent if you look at Main - Array Devices and see the Errors column. The hardware problems need to be taken care of before trying to work on your docker problems, so lets get the dockers out of the way for now.


Go to Settings - Docker, disable then delete the docker image. It is always safe to do this because your dockers are easily downloaded again and the settings you have made for them are preserved and they can be installed exactly as they were from Apps - Previous Apps.


You have a lot of disks, do any of them have any SMART warnings on the Dashboard page?


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1 minute ago, trurl said:

You have a lot of disks

And many of those disks look like they are empty and with plenty of free space on the others. I always recommend only installing as many disks as you actually need for capacity. Each additional disk is an additional point of failure.

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1 hour ago, strance4 said:

I Did that and it fixed it thanks.

There were several things that needed fixing. You did what exactly and it fixed what exactly?

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11 minutes ago, strance4 said:

the 90%  went away when i delete the docker image.

Of course if you have no docker image it can't be 90% full.


Post a new diagnostic.

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