Higher CPU/energy usage on 6.8.0?

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Hey there,


i upgraded from 6.7.2 to 6.8.0 in the middle of December. On my vacation i recognize a higher CPU usage on my unraid server. this equals in a higher energy usage.

On 6.7.2 with all drive spin down my server was at 28W, now 6.8.0 with all drive spin down it is on ca 32W. 4W isn't much, but i want to know, what the reason is.

I am not 100% shure the reason is 6.8.0 or, a docker/plugin which better works with 6.7.2.


my running Docker:









my Plugins:

-CA Auto Update Applications

-CA Backup / Restore Appdata

-Community Applications

-Custom Tab

-Disk Location

-Dynamix Active Streams

-Dynamix Cache Directories

-Dynamix SSD TRIM

-Dynamix System Information

-Dynamix System Statistics

-Dynamix System Temperature

-Fix Common Problems

-Nerd Tools

-Open Files

-Preclear Disks

-Speedtest Command Line Tool


-Tips and Tweaks

-Unassigned Devices


-User Scripts

-Virtual Machine Wake On Lan

-Wake On Lan support



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