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I've read a few threads and none of them seem to apply to myself, my apologies if I'm beating a dead horse here. I just set up unraid to replace my prior docker host running strictly with Ubuntu. From what I can understand, my containers should be able to talk to one another. They all have their own assigned IP address, I can access all of them from my desktop, but the containers cannot talk to one another, nor VMs for that matter. The "apps" container is an Nginx Reverse Proxy, however, it doesn't display the pages that I configure (haven't tried pointing to something outside of this box, though I suspect that would work). Guacamole can't connect to an RDP session running on the unraid host that I have no problem connecting to from my desktop. The thing that's sort of throwing me here is that it was my understanding that if I assign IP addresses, they should be able to access them no problem. I am also able to ping between the containers with no problems either. Any suggestions? 



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