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I do not know if what I want to do is possible, but here it is. I would like to schedule a parity check every 4 weeks on Saturdays. This would allow me to set it up on a schedule that would not interfere with duplicati's upload schedule. I know they can both run at the same time, but I have been having issues with duplicati hanging, and am trying to reduce any possible interferences. I know there is options for weekly that I can set up as first, last, second, third, fourth, but I think that is referring to the weeks in the month. I want it to run specifically on that Saturday every 28 days. Is this possible?

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2 hours ago, BRiT said:

Parity Check Tuning.

Search for "parity" in the excellent Community Applications plugin "Apps" section.



Support Thread:


Thanks for the suggestion, but from what I have read on the plugin, it will not work for what I am asking for. According to the info I have found, the plugin still uses the main built in parity check scheduler and just allows pausing and resuming. It does not appear to allow me to set it up to run every 28 days like I want. unless I am completely missing this?

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I have several duplicati backups set up to run, and the size is changing a lot. So I have no real way of knowing how long it will run for. That Saturday would be the last full day before the next backup was set to run. (I have 12TB dual parity, so it takes a day) They are set to run every 2 weeks. So, basically I have 3 smaller ones that will run Sunday night into Monday morning, Then I have set aside 3 days for the medium one. Which leaves 9-10 days for the largest. If it takes the 9 days, then on the 10th day I could do parity checks, before the backup cycle starts again. I don't think it will take the entire time, but I don't know for sure. My UL speed sucks. And it depends on how much new data has been written since the last time it was run. 

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