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For many years now i have used Dynamic Link Aggregation (4) in the network settings tab and only ever configured it under eth0. I have always left eth1 blank (not configured) and i can see that it creates bond0. I use this with a Cisco switch and configured it's corresponding settings.


It's only because after updating to 6.8.1 i thought i would have a look around all the webgui changes that have happened over the past iterations and see if there's anything exciting that applies to me and it made me ask myself; should i copy the eth0 settings to eth1 or continue to leave it blank and for the webgui to report it "not configured"?


Does unraid automatically sort itself out? and would it not be better for the end user if the webgui displayed this better?


Have i been using this setting wrong for all these years?


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well thank you very much for your response!


I did indeed have it ticked, so i did the classic of "un-tick and re-tick" and now it is showing correctly as like yours. Now i'm wondering if it was simply a graphical glitch or it actually hasn't been aggregated correctly all this time.


I will have to carry out some tests to see if there's an improvement.


many thanks


edit: interestingly, i have had to re-edit all my dockers that used the custom network type as they failed to start and had reverted to network type "none"

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