WebGUI Not Loading and other performance issues


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I am getting lots of errors like this:


Feb 22 00:13:35 MediaVault nginx: 2020/02/22 00:13:35 [error] 4190#4190: *121 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "POST /webGui/include/DashUpdate.php HTTP/2.0", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock", host: "928ff7e263d1fbd5f5cbb5f6bbc6e017bbde0929.unraid.net", referrer: "https://hash.unraid.net/Dashboard"

  • These errors seemed to be preceded by a clock sync error and my logs also have the wrong time associated with them (2 hours later than when they were created)
  • The dashboard is failing to load completely and I am dealing with unclean shutdowns.
  • Took 20 minutes to restart and over an hour to fully shutdown after creating the log last night.
  • While I had access to the dashboard all the cores on the two cpus were under quite a lot of load which I have never really seen outside of plex doing multiple transcodes.
  • Server was very slow and unresponsive at times while it was running.
  • WeGUI works fine as long as the array is not started but I know not starting the array pretty much removes 99% of the functionality of the system so there is not much to go wrong there.


Edit: It seems to be related to a docker container. When I turn on docker but prevent all containers from starting everything goes well. So I guess I am gonna have to go through and test each one to find out where the problem is. Any help with reading the logs would be much appreciated.


Logs are attached.


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