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  1. After about 2 years of running good I am experiencing random shutdowns. At first I thought it was my PSU because I was using an old EVGA bronze from like 15 years ago... Replaced that with a new one and the issue is still continuing. I ran memtest for well over 24 hours and that passed with no issues as well. The system is also connected to an UPS and it has been tested with full poweroutages thanks to construction so I think I can rule that out for the most part. My next step, unless you guys can find something in the logs pointing towards an issue, was going to be setting up a vm and stress testing the cpus. I think that might not really test them properly if I remember how hypervisors assign cpu usage. They were installed recently, but have been function fine for about 6 months. Who knows what kind of lottery I rolled with used server parts, though. Attached diagnostics from after reboot. I also started keeping a syslog record with the syslog server feature since this started happening. This is what the log looked like in the hours before the shutdown:
  2. So my individual user account shows as id 1000, tried that and I am still getting the same issue you had above. I reset the permissions to 99:100 which is the default for most containers and that still did not work. The logs are still showing permission denied error for me. Edit: I found the problem. It wasn't permissions for me, but rather one of the paths in the container was modified so it was trying to save to an invalid path. Same looking error, but different solutions. Thanks for your elaboration and help @Rourke
  3. Can you elaborate a bit on this part? I know how to navigate to what folder I need. I know what chown -R does. But I cannot figure out how to find which user I need to change permissions to.
  4. Can either of you, or anyone for that matter, provide a step by step guide on how to bash in and made these modifications? I am pretty new to using linux so the commands are kinda foreign to me. I found the relvant "client_max_body_size" within my letsencrypt docker but I cannot figure out how to make it happen in this container.
  5. Okay, so I ran xfs_repiar -v on both disks and they both had issues with the primary crc, said that there were pending changes to the log and I should mount first before re-running the repair tool. When I mounted them, both showed up normally and rebuild started. The wording of the repair report made it seem like (at least to me as a layperson in this area) I needed to mount and then immediately run the repair again. Since both disks showed up normally, should I just let the rebuild run, or do I need to stop and run the repair again? I feel like the right answer here is to let the rebuild run now, but I just want to be sure. Thanks again for your time.
  6. Thanks for your time guys, I will just go ahead and stop it now and attempt to repair the filesystems. Will update if I have more issues or make it through that.
  7. Something caused my server to restart this morning and I woke up to find two drives with the Unmountable: No file system statuses. Here is where I messed up big time. I stopped the array to restart in maintenance mode to run a smart check of the drives and go from there but accidentally started in regular mode which initiated a parity rebuild... I have a found a few threads with this same issue and they all point towards the filesystem needing to be repaired. Assuming I already have not jacked everything up, will letting the parity rebuild finish overwite data on those drives or corrupt the parity data? Should I stop it? It also seems to have an unusually long estimated time at approximately 6 days vs. the normal 1 day. I attached logs and a screenshot. Both drives are on the same power / sata hotswap bay so I think the original issue may be related to that because it seems weird for two drives to fail at the same time without something common between them.
  8. Right on. Thanks for the explainations and your patience. I will get to reading!
  9. Well, crap. I was going completely off what the GUI said because I thought it was a raid 0 configuration 😕 makes sense that I am having this issue if it is raid1. So, I have a few questions: - I have the appdata and docker shares set to prefer which I thought would allow the docker service to write to the array in the event that the cache was full. Is that not the case here? - What is the best way to go about replacing the smaller drive with a larger one so that I have 2 drives of the same size? Since it is in a mirror configuration, do I just replace the the smaller drive and let it rebuild or is it more complicated than that? - Once I get everything sorted, is there any way to turn the cache pool into a raid0 configuration in order to get more performance out of it? I am already backing up dockers and appdata onto the main array regularly so losing cheap cache drives would not be the end of the world for me?
  10. Docker service is suddenly failing to start. It is set to use the cache. No SMART errors on the cache array and no errors on scub. 131GB free space. I am getting many errors like so when starting the Docker service: I have attached logs. Given that I have no drive errors, and lots of free space, am I probably looking at a corrupted docker image here? Edit: Doing a lot of googling, it seems that these errors are probably related to docker corruption from one thing or another. Also, is there anything I can do in order to get a response and or help from someone? I am kinda new asking for support on the forums but over the last year I have made several posts requesting assistance and I never get so much as a reply. Is there something else I need to be doing in order to get some help?
  11. I am getting lots of errors like this: These errors seemed to be preceded by a clock sync error and my logs also have the wrong time associated with them (2 hours later than when they were created) The dashboard is failing to load completely and I am dealing with unclean shutdowns. Took 20 minutes to restart and over an hour to fully shutdown after creating the log last night. While I had access to the dashboard all the cores on the two cpus were under quite a lot of load which I have never really seen outside of plex doing multiple transcodes. Server was very slow and unresponsive at times while it was running. WeGUI works fine as long as the array is not started but I know not starting the array pretty much removes 99% of the functionality of the system so there is not much to go wrong there. Edit: It seems to be related to a docker container. When I turn on docker but prevent all containers from starting everything goes well. So I guess I am gonna have to go through and test each one to find out where the problem is. Any help with reading the logs would be much appreciated. Logs are attached.
  12. So my container automatically updated on me and I could not log in at all. I tried removing the WebGUI\Password part as suggested a few pages ago and login with admin:admin and that did not work. Deleted the .conf file to let it regenerate and that didn't work. Tried reverting to the previous version with the old .conf file and that did not work. How do I go about regaining access to the WebGUI? The container is running fine other than that little problem...
  13. How do I go about routing my client's traffic out of the internal docker subnet to my network's subnet in bridged mode (only mode I could get working)? All my network subnets for unraid are defualt so the openvpn server assigns clients onto the 172 subnet but my network is on the 192 range. Clients can access anything on the unraid server, as well as the gateway for the 192 subnet, but cannot ping anything else in the 192 range. I am using an Edgerouter X as the gateway and the unraid server on the other side of a UniFi switch in mostly default configuration as far as routing is concerned. The specific option which was mentioned in SpaceInvaderOne's updated video under configuration > vpn settings > routing > specific the private subents to which all clients should be given access does not seem to work in my situation. I have been battling with this for a few weeks now trying to figure it out on my own but anything I change that intuitively makes sense just breaks the server and I have to reinstall and reconfigure it to try again.
  14. Man, this is embarrassing. Where do I go from there? I typed help to see what commands are available and there is nothing like what the server should have available. If I am not mistaken, which I just may be, that is the console for the docker and not the "in game" console? I am trying to promote users to admin since the server settings are not working in regards to admins.