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Custom Terminal Menu on Boot

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Hello Brainstrust,


I have developed a basic terminal menu written with bash to start VMs. 

Can anyone tell me how I can get Unraid to load the script in tty1 on bootup without loggin in?


I used a version of it with proxmox and was able to get to work by following the info found on this page:



But since this is loading from a USB, I am not sure how to do the same thing.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Since the array drives and many other unraid assets are not available unti the array is started, I don't think this will work with unraid.


You can already set the array to autostart, and vm's to start with the array without logging in, so I don't see what you would be gaining.

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Posted (edited)

Hi Jonathanm,

Thanks for the really quick reply.

I run two vm's fairly regularly. One Windows and one Linux. Being able to quickly press a number on the menu to show status and start or stop a vm without logging in and typing code is really nice for me. 

My main screen for the terminal is only 8 inches and sits behind the glass panel on the side of my pc case. 


Would it be possible to run a script to call this one from the user scripts plugin? I have tried a few scripts but it doesnt like allowing input from the keyboard


**edit: And I also have people not capable of using the terminal using the system so it has to be easy.

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