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Advice needed, Unraid server as main pc Hardware

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I have had an old pc collecting dust for a couple of years now, and at the end of last year i decided to make a server out of it. I thought it was a good idea to use Freenas, but realized that is way to complicated for me, so i switched to unraid at beginning of this year, and i just love it. 


I enjoy it so much i want to make it my sole PC hardware in the house. 


At the moment my server has the following hardware:


- Asus 970 extreme 3 r2.0 mobo

- AMD FX6300

- 24gb ddr3 ram

- Intel Nic

- AMD R9 270 GPU for boot

- Corsair RMi 750 W PSU

- 250+500Gb SSD for Cache

- 4TB parity

- 2x4TB storage


I also run a pc with the following spec:


- Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 mobo

- Intel 8700K

- 16gb ddr4 ram

- Nvidea GTX 1080

- Crappy 650 W PSU

- 250 + 500GB NVME 970 Evo for boot and storage

- ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR Screen, 1440P with Gsync

- Logitech G810 Keyboard, G502 Mouse


The unraid server is in the livingroom and my PC is in my bedroom where i have a little desk. All are connected to 1G Lan


Recently i have realized my unraid hardware is great for running a small plex server, and some other little things. But as soon i hit it with file encoding or stuff like Folding@home it is just a little slow for my liking.


So i came up with the idea to use my PC (8700K) as my unraid server and make a VM as my daily driver.


Now i have the following questions;


How can i run my server headless, as i am right now, and use my monitor, mouse and keyboard to my full potential.

Is it possible to use Gsync in a VM? I game a little bit, mostly blizzard games. WoW classic and Overwatch 


I have an old mac mini, from when i was a mac boy 10 years ago, what i can hook up to my peripherals to run the VM. 
Not really feeling using my old pc. want to make my desk nice and tidy


Any advice, tip and tricks and do or don'ts are highly appreciated.  


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