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The Shuri Build - Who Wants To Help With A New Server Setup?

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Hello All:


I am new to the forum and I'm currently using an old laptop with 4 8tb external hard drives to host my home server. I received a rack to house all of my server stuff (see pic below), but now it's time to upgrade. 


I purchased the following server on ebay...see the link below and I have 20 8tb hard drives that I will add initially. I have some really cool additional hardware that I may want to switch out like (see the video below).



So, I have the hardware. I have been researching and finally decided on Unraid as my OS. Is there anyone who is sitting at home during this quarantine and have the time to video call with me and help me set up my new server which I have affectionately named Shuri. I will be documenting the process in this forum.


Please send me a message or respond to this post and help a sista out. Lol!




Little Brother.JPG



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Posted (edited)

You should test NR40700 functionality first. Then start threadripper build, test and migrate.


What Cisco device model ?


Hope your room power socket have enough power for all monster.

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Posted (edited)

The model number for my Cisco is SG250X-24. I just uploaded a video showing the functionality of the NR40700. Thoughts?


I am looking for some over the phone video support in setting everything up. If there is anyone out there who has the time. Please contact me.


Cisco SG250X-24.jpg

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