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I would like to take an incremental approach towards building my server... I am awaiting a couple of hard drives but wish to begin the process now.... Please tell me if my strategy makes sense, or if I'm going down the wrong path.


I currently have a 1TB HDD and a 250 mb SSD in my main comp. I want to convert it to be the server, as it has 32 gb memory and 8 threads. This will do me for a couple of months until I can figure out a more substantial hardware build. I would also like to retire my synology nas that has 2 x 3GB HDD's.


Phase 1

  • Download key and license
  • Boot up with USB
  • Convert 1TB hard drive to array but no parity
  • Convert SSD to cache
  • Play with this for a little while.
  • Copy some files over from the NAS.


Phase 2

  • Receive shipment of 1TB ssd and 6TB HDD
  • Mount these in unraid
  • No parity just yet. (can data be stored on the parity drive ?)
  • Copy over the rest of NAS related files to the 6TB drive
  • Convert 1TB ssd to cache
  • Convert 250 ssd to unassigned (VM's)


Phase 3

  • Retire synology
  • Remove 2 x hard drives and install these in server. Add to array
  • Convert 6TB HDD to parity
  • Redistribute files across the array as needed.
  • Job done for now


Phase 4

  • Monitor server, and decide later on new cpu/mobo case.



I did create a key a few months ago, and tried out a few things, but did not progress at that time. Am I ok to create another key ?


Given I am isolated right now, I clearly have too much time on my hands, so any advice appreciated.







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Parity isn't required (and a drive assigned to parity cannot contain data).


Since you plan to retire synology and reuse its disks, I have to mention this. You must always have another copy of anything important and irreplaceable. Even with parity, you need backups.

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thanks constructor, this helps alot. I will change my strategy as the 6TB won't hold data...

I'm good with back ups...


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12 hours ago, bucky2076 said:

thanks constructor

Your welcome "Newbie"

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