Make a tool to control RGB devices

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Hello everyone,

I'm just wondering if it would be possible to make a Docker container or a plugin to control RGB lighting of devices connected to the motherboard.


This person here got to control RGB from Linux so surely there would be a way to control the RGB devices from Unraid (even though it might not be possible to pass this capability through to VMs).



Here is the GitLab project page :

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If someone wants to do a plugin, that's fine but this is not even close to being a core Unraid feature that Limetech dev should spend any effort on.


Note the warning on the github page:

"Exercise caution when clicking the Detect Devices or Dump Device buttons. There have been reports of Gigabyte motherboards having serious issues (bricking the RGB or bricking the entire board) when dumping certain devices."


A purely cosmetic feature with the possibility of bricking the motherboard!

No thanks.

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So do they mean you should click very slowly or gently on the "detect devices" button? Would exercising to click it extremely gently be sufficient not to do any damage?


Alright i'll stop joking :)

I fully understand this not of any urgency for the Unraid team. Yet, I do believe there is an underestimated number of users who'd appreciate such functionality (if it were to be safe of course).


Focusing on developing Unraid itself is fast more important of course.


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