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Trying to do a fairly generic fedora vnc VM install with nothing special.

I can't seem to get the screen resolution of the vm to go beyond 1024x768. Several hours of searching and no further clarity.

Am I missing something basic? Given i'm a newbie, did not think I'd have to tweak the xml at this stage in the game.

I used the standard fedora template... but should be able to get better resolution than that one would think.

Using vnc viewer or novnc and not getting anywhere...


Any pointers or hints to get me going in the right direction... appreciated.


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Further to my question above... I did more experimentation with fedora...


Turns out virtualbox also provides a very poor user experience when dealing with screen resizing with Fedora in particular (manjaro is not better either). So not purely an unraid question, but a more general question around creating an unraid vm to act as a daily driver. Ubuntu/Fedora/Centos, whatever., i'm merely looking for a decent end user experience.


I am starting to play with Libvirt and Spice, which may offer some headway, but on a steep learning curve.

My unraid box has an igpu so not certain about whether passthrough is possible. However no game playing here, just a reasonable experience at running a kde desktop from a VM.

Any words of wisdom are appreciated.



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thanks ...

nomachine does give the best results, and is simplest to implement.

Fedora has deeper problems in that the QXL video driver does not work well past 1024x768 resolution. So no joy there. Not sure what the reccomended config is, would hope to hear from someone who got this going satisfactorily... perhaps spice ?


I am going to head back to ubuntu for a while, I think its easier to get going with the qxl driver. I do need to have a linux daily driver...


further to this, more experimentation seems to suggest qxl is limited with vnc to 1024x768 across all linux vm's. I will park this issue for now and move onto other things...

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I have a little too much time on my hands, and found out a bit more, so hopefully this may help the newbie user out there....

I created a new primary linux machine on my laptop, and downloaded libvirt/virtmanager on to it. Learning curve was steep but interesting. I have a lot more experience with VirtualBox... but no help here.

Fedora VM's do not provide good screen resolution with the qxl driver. Period.

If you want better behaviour, switch to the VGA driver in Virt Manager. Unraid does not appear to support this out of the box... so may have to edit xml (or something) to achieve this. The remote display could be spice or vnc, both worked.

The standard VM docs of unraid have not helped me much, unless i missed something.



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