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Hi there,

I'm planning on a storage server based on UnRAID, and the only central question I have before I can plan for hardware is:

How is UnRAID identifying SATA disks?

So, if my built includes an HBA-card and this has 4 ports, will it list the drives by port?

I'm asking because, while there of course are server grade hard drive enclosures out there who would be able to identify a failed drive, and you could just pull that, if the build is a little bit more budget, how will I be able to identify the failed drive?

Thanks and have a great day,


Matthias Halibrand

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Unraid identifies disks by their serial number.


What you are asking about is not really the port, but the bay. That will vary with different builds. A port would go to a cable that goes to any bay in any particular build, and of course Unraid has no way to know where the physical cables are routed.


There is a plugin to help you make note of where you put your actual disks, but you are the one that has to make the note (and print it out so you can see it when the server is down) since Unraid has no way to detect that.



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I thought that I would internally number the ports and route the cables, so port number would correctly connect to the correct bay, but that plugin looks much easier, so no sweat, there. Seems a perfect solution.


Thanks for the answer.



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