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Welcome to the unRAID Forums!


Most of the documentation for unRAID is available via the Wiki.  Below are links to some of the highlights to help new users get started.


Getting Started with unRAID

  • A guide for new users of unRAID



  • Frequently Asked Questions


Un-Official unRAID Manual

  • A copy of the unRAID user-manual edited by owners of unRAID to be more accurate, up to date, and complete than the official version.


Best of the Forums

  • Some of the best forum threads identified by unRAID users



  • When requesting assistance from unRAID community members a description of the symptoms of your issue is a good start, but frequently not sufficient to diagnose the cause.  The information needed to perform an analysis is mostly contained in the system log and/or smart reports.  The troubleshooting section of the wiki describes how to capture these files, which can then be zipped and attached to requests for assistance.


unMenu and myMain

  • Add ons developed by community members



  • The unRAID wiki, has two sections.  The "Official" section edited by lime-technology, the "Un-Official" section edited by users of unRAID.


Recommended Builds

  • Common builds using hardware known to be compatible with unRAID, a good starting place if you are interested in building your own unRAID server.


unRAID Roadmap

  • Lists the planned new features and enhancements by version.  Also shows progress by feature in the next build. Check back often.


unRAID Configuration Guide

  • Step by step instructions to configure a new array with some popular unRAID addons.


Welcome aboard!


Here are links to some old stickies that may still be of interest to some users:


EARS Jumpered / Unjumpered Thread

Release Information

ACPI Questions? Will server Power button gracefully shut down the server?

To Cache drive or not to Cache drive?

How-To: Migrate from unRAID 4.7 to unRAID 5.0

Remove Drive Without Losing Parity







- The unRAID Moderators

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