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First install GUID error

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Installing Unraid for first time ever.  Got to the registration page to get trial key but system time was incorrect. Fixed that but couldn’t figure out how to get back to the registration page so I restarted the system. Now I get an error that the GUID already registered to another user. 
How do I fix this?  This flash drive has never been used for Unraid until today. 

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54 minutes ago, Rdhester said:

Now I get an error that the GUID already registered to another user.

This could, and often does, mean that the USB flash drive you used does not have a unique GUID. 


Many cheap or lesser-known brand flash drives are manufactured in bulk with a generic GUID.  Look at the GUID of your flash drive and check that the reported GUID looks to be unique. Signs that is not are things like a lot of repeating (11111-22222222) or sequential (1234567890) numbers or just ending with a bunch of zeros.


If you have any questions about it or believe you received that message in error, contact Limetech to verify your registration.

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1 hour ago, Rdhester said:

The GUID is


My guess is that is a generic GUID as that last string of numbers just looks like a manufacture date (18 Sept 2016) with a bunch of zeros on the end.  Someone else probably already registered a license with that same generic GUID so it will likely now be blacklisted.


You may need to verify with Limetech directly or attempt to transfer the license to a different USB flash with a unique GUID.


What is the make and model of the flash drive? Somewhere in these forums is a list of USB flash drives known to have unique GUIDs.

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Thanks for the help Hoopster. Found a Lexar drive and moved Unraid to that. Formatting the array now. 

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