(SOLVED) Strange Cache Freespace issue

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Not sure if my cache problem is related to overhead on raid0 configuration or something else entirely.   I have a raid0 configuration of 3 small 32gb SSDs which should yield 96GB cache pool which it does but the drive shows 18GB used. My appdata folder is only 4.4GB and is currently the only thing on the cache drive?  What could possibly be using 14GB of information that wouldn't be shown in the drive? (there are no hidden files that I missed).   Wondering if I should recreate the cache array?

2020-05-20 (2).png

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4 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

Something is using it, Windows can also report wrong used space over SMB, move the data to the array and check again.

not sure how that's possible when the only folder on the cache drive is the appdata folder.  Guess I'll have to run a backup tonight and do a restore on that one.

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