small lsi controller?

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does anyone know of a very small lsi controller that will support 8 sata drives?  I found the IBM 9211-4i ones on ebay, they look awesome, but only support 4 drives (


I need it as small as possible as I'll be using it on a M.2 GPU riser board and it's in a very small ITX case.


I'm open to chipsets other than LSI, but no asmedia/jmicron/si junk

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That card is only a 4 port card.  Those models are only designed to fit into small enclosures.  You should be looking at LSI 9240-8I 6Gbps SAS HBA.  Such as this one:


Yes its a bigger card but these cards are designed to be installed in servers and handle 8 drives.  If you have a very small case, I would recommend a nice mid tower.  I got 15 drives in mine.  If you only have 1x pcie slot I would recommend NOT using that slot as it performs very poorly with hard drives.  You could experience excessive pre-clear times because there are not enough data lines to support your drives.


You have not told us what motherboard you are using, or the case.  I am curious what you are using. 

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yeah, I know its 4 port, thats why I said I like it but its only supports 4 drives.


I appreciate the help, but if anyone has any knowledge of a really samll lsi controller, please let me know.  I'm not changing the ITX case for a few additional 2.5" drives :)

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