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  1. also updated from 6.8.2 -> 6.8.3 with no issues
  2. gonna have to run top and figure out what exactly is pulling the cpu... just having high cpu isn't helpful without knowing the process.
  3. google something like "kvm snapshot", lots of hits and lots of instructions out there that are better than I can write
  4. as far as data, standard backup practice of 3,2,1 rule... 3 copies, on 2 different kinds of media and one offsite. I'd suggest a second machine to rsync data to, maybe built from scraps in general. Doesn't need to run 24/7, just when backups are needed. I say this because most of us computer geeks have extra parts laying around. Also, consider another drive in the machine, just to keep an additional copy of the data on, again rsync is your friend and easy to schedule a script with user scripts plugin. qemu-img and virsh both seem to be on my server, thus you could write a script to snapshot your VM's.
  5. and sata cable to that drive
  6. Anyone have any ideas on why the mouse pointer in a GUI (in Ubuntu VM for example) would not be visible when using a chromebook for access? Its visible if I use Cirrus instead of QXL... but I'd prefer QXL.
  7. you have a few points of why its not that bad, but it would also be nice to have a boot drive that doesn't die from writes. Also, if it was just there for licensing, it would probably never die.... at least, even if it did, it wouldn't stop you from booting. USB flash drives are not enterprise class devices in any way, shape or form... this is not common practice for a very good reason. If it were, we should be able to, at least, mirror two USB's. Again, I have no problem with the OPTION of booting off the flash drive, but I've prefer to boot from one of my enterprise class drives that I can trust and can log to if I wish without it dying... and that I can run proper redundancy with. More options don't exist ONLY because not enough of us (paying customers) are complaining about how stupid this forced booting from a USB flash drive is.
  8. Sorta, but not really... who wants to be forced to boot of of a usb flash drive in this day and age? They need to fix their licenses to not be centric around a single drive, or, at least, allow us to mirror a couple of drives since they are not reliable. I wouldn't care as much if they allowed us to boot off of anything and simply have the drive there for the license, but making us use the drive kills it, and it's really stupid to force it on all users.
  9. for some reason I can't download the zip to look.... is it an Intel SSD? once Intels reach their max data written, they go read only. Must replace it to fix if that's the case.
  10. anyone else having trouble with the syncthing docker and updating? Mine keeps telling me there is an update, but there is not... I can update and then click on check for updates, it thinks there is another one... My version is 1.2.2 which i believe is up to date. My other dockers are not doing this, just syncthing.
  11. this works for the SSH keys by adding to the /boot/config/go file, where foo is the key mkdir ~/.ssh echo 'foo' > ~/.ssh/authorized_keys chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys && chmod 644 ~/.ssh
  12. I use pfsense, I see it as a core networking device, so I would never virtualize it.
  13. I also use syncthing, it's handy for more than just photos too
  14. I would normally use minicom for such a need. I just checked nerd pack, doesn't seem to be in there... I'd say ask the maintainer to add it.... Makes a lot more sense than a VM.
  15. yeah, I can install some others, I guess the ones I tried before aren't using SSL... the ones using SSL are all erroring out, so probably not something to do with this plugin.