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  1. @tsawind Personally I gave up on my quest and went back to an AMD card with my Nvidia card - the lack of help on this forum is pretty horrible. As you can see I tried to get help but then my thread went cold... I'm pretty technical and spend most of my time researching that's why my post count is so low. But I couldn't figure my issue out.
  2. Hi All, I know there's a really long post for SWAG - I've read through much of it but was wondering if there was a current "how to get it setup" post. I've looked at Spaceinvaderone's information on it and it's basically how to setup before the SWAG container was created. Thanks for directing me to the right info.
  3. Thank you, yes they are split up. I've added them as Q35-5.1 OVMF or SEABIOS - 1 VM starts (28:00.0) and the other fails (27:00.0). Ironically, the one that starts I don't need to add GPU ROM to... the other I just tried this morning. Still no luck. I'm pretty sure I'm overlooking something pretty simple. edit ** I have the GPU in the first slot of 3 PCI-E slots. (I had the AMD card there and it was fine) I'm wondering if it should be on slot 3? Happy to do some research if someone can direct me to it. Thank you very much for your help.
  4. Hi All, Been searching all morning for an answer with not much luck. I HAD AMD and Nvidia GPU for my kids to play on 2 gaming VM's. All was good except for AMD reset bug so I got another Nvidia GPU... figured out that now my 2 Nvidia GPU's the device ID are identical (2 different vendors). Only 1 of 2 VM's will boot... How can I break these up so each VM has their own video card and boot? Thanks for any and all assistance. Jason.
  5. OK - I have 2 EXACTLY the same mice. (They are gaming mice and glow in different colors for kids). Seems as they are the same vendor and ID - UNRAID thinks they are the same device. Any insights on how to tell unraid 6.9 (fresh install) that each mouse is in a different USB controller would be fantastic. I actually need one mouse for each VM Thanks for any insights. Jason.
  6. Hi ALL, Greatly appreciate the insights and expertise on this site. I typically don't post much as I get most of my answers searching but I can't seem to figure this one out. I have an older protectli celeron running PFsense (No AES-NI support). (I'm thinking about switching to OPNsense) I've also set up an independent UNRAID machine.. My thought was to run a VM of OPNsense as I believe my Ryzen 7 2700 has AES-NI - yet I can't seem to install either PFsense or OPNsense natively on AMD so I have to emulate the CPU. (follow spaceinvaders steps - they are great) So I don't think I'd be taking advantage of AES-NI?? So my questions are: Should I run a firewall VM on unraid and have my old Protectli as backup? (I've read about the nightmares of unraid failures and not accessing your VM's) Should I just leave my Protectli as my firewall and not worry about AES-NI (I would like to use VPN via firewall - easier than running on every PC) Should I be hunting for a better firewall that has AES-NI? Thanks for any and all advise. If this has been hammer out on another post. Please share.
  7. Hi all, Looking for your direction / help. I removed my RX470 (which I passed through to VM flawlessly) and added the XFX RX 5700 XT THICC III ULTRA 8G BOOST (RX-57XT8TBD8) the VM boots and then my monitor lights up but is black screen so to me it's not posting. I added from techpowerup either bios (See below) which is a year old to no avail. I even killed my VM and re-created. I also watch Spaceinvaderone's video => AMD RX 5700XT - Reviewing Passthrough to KVM Virtual Machines I'm thinking these bios' are too old for my card. I don't have another machine to run GPU-Z and extract my bios. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance. I would hate to have to ditch unraid as I can't get this running. I really like having a VM as my daily driver. Attached is my diagnostics for review ******** FIXED ******** I had to create a new VM... OVFM BIOS (I used SEABIOS for my old card) / Machine Q35-4.2 and use the XFX BIOS ROM from techpowerup located here https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/
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    GPU Support

    Hi All, Thanks for any assistance. I've been using a VM for my daily driver as well as some gaming and the user experience has been great! Got me thinking about being able to use 1 computer and adding my 2 son's to it for multiplayer gaming. Would I be able to split a GPU that support 4 monitors or would I have to assign 1 physical graphics card per VM? Thanks in advance Jason.
  9. Hi All, Please skip this post. I didn't realize that this was an issue with KVM - with the dongle being temperamental and the whole controller should be passed.
  10. unserv-diagnostics-20200217-1425.zip Hi All, I've attached my logs, last night I went to use my VM - which has video card / sound hardware enabled for my personal desktop and for some reason I could not wake my VM. I logged into my server and tried to reboot. Which didn't seem to be happening. (Looks as though it was hung) I waited for 5 minutes and then switched off the server.. (hard boot) then waited a couple more minutes to power on. Seems now drive Disk 3 is emulated. (Weird as it's plugged into my board) and Disk 1 claims to be Unmountable: No file System. To add salt to my wound, I haven't "yet" backed up my data. It's a relatively new install which I've been learning unraid I upgraded some drives along the way. My backup drive usb drive was just delivered. My goal, if nothing else would be to repair the file system on Disk 1 and then get the data off. If I can fix both drives, that would be better. Seems my Parity drive is still in good working order so perhaps I can rebuild the data. Any help here is greatly appreciated. thanks, Jason.
  11. Errors in the VM log - Not sure where else to look. 2019-12-31T15:30:56.010508Z qemu-system-x86_64: warning: vfio 0000:1f:00.3: failed to setup resample irqfd: Invalid argument 2019-12-31T15:44:43.525738Z qemu-system-x86_64: vfio: Cannot reset device 0000:1f:00.3, depends on group 17 which is not owned.
  12. Hi All, Looking for help. All looks good with my audio pass-through but I don't hear any sound. I installed the MB drivers (My board is X370 Gaming Pro Carbon ( driver date 1/15/19). I'm on Unraid 6.8 - I have everything else working.. BTW I tried to pass-through HDMI from GPU card and that has the same result. Any insights are greatly appreciated. (Or shoot me a similar resolution?) Thanks, Jason.