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  1. Solved- got it fixed. thanks for the help. I had the repository named incorrectly. Once I corrected that it started updating. thanks again-
  2. Hello- I have Plex Media server Version and when I check for updates I am told that Plex is up-to-date. However I see that I can no longer connect to plex.tv because my version is too low. How can I get the update? thanks-
  3. Thanks, I updated the unRaid version, and then restored a previous backup of Sonarr and everything is good again. Thank you for guidance-
  4. I upgraded and still have the same issue. Do I need to re-install? Or is there another way to take care of this? thanks-
  5. I upgraded to unRaid 6.7.2 and sonarr worked great until the last reboot and now it won't launch. (I've been on 6.7.2 for about 2 weeks) What logs would be needed to help me determine my course of action? I get no errors...it just sits on the launch screen. Thanks for your help- Rob Just found this in the log 19-11-19 17:54:10.5|Error|DownloadDecisionMaker|Couldn't process release. [v2.0.0.5338] System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException (0x80004005): database disk image is malformed database disk image is malformed Should I reinstall? or is there a better fix? I'm afraid that reinstalling won't really solve the issue that caused the database problem. Thanks again-
  6. I use the sonarr docker and would like to change the "watch" folder in a download client that I have set up, but I don't see the option of watching a folder that is on a computer on my network (but is not the server). Is this a possibility? If I try to type in the address of the folder I am told that it is not a valid address. Can Sonarr only watch folder on the computer the docker is installed on? Thanks - Great docker!
  7. What is the recommended drive cage for unRaid. I have a HPE Prolient ML10 gen9 in which the drives constantly overheat and I would like to put the drives in a fan enable enclosure outside of the box. I would like to plug it into the motherboard so that it is seen as part of the unRaid system and not an "unassigned device". Does anyone have suggestions? If not for that, then maybe a way to cool the ML10 box? thanks-
  8. Thank you for the response. Would the speed make that much of a difference in a cache drive? Wikipedia shows it as the slowest choice, but doesn't show a speed comparison.
  9. Sorry for what may be a stoopid question.....but- Can an Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 1TB PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 3D2, QLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) be used as a cache drive?
  10. "I checked and it is set to Host." I needed the port settings to get the metadata to update, but yesterday it stopped again. I will remove the port settings and see if that fixes it, but what could be happening to my setup that this could be happening? Thanks Plex Media Server Logs_2019-04-12_16-45-07.zip
  11. Yes I am running the Binhex-PlexPass docker. A great thing! This metadata thing was really bugging me though.
  12. Thanks- I will go back and remove the mapping to see if you are right and it was just a coincidence. I was thinking of removing them and putting them back anyway, one at a time to see if they all need to be there. My Plex install is set up in Host mode, but was not pulling metadata until I defined the ports. Would the install have automatically switched to Bridge when I mapped a port? I'll recheck when I get back from work.