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Perhaps you have some old parts you would like to repurpose into an unRAID server.  Perhaps you want a build that deviates from those detailed above.  Perhaps you just want a final confirmation before purchasing parts.  All of these are good reasons to create a 'new build' thread.  Here's a few guidelines to help us help you:


  • What is your budget?  Even if you don't have a strict budget set out, at least give us an idea if you are pinching pennies or splurging on your build.
  • How many drives do you want your server to be able to support and how much capacity do you need?
  • Is expandability important to you?  If so, what's your long term goal?
  • Are you interested in running additional apps?  If so, which ones?  Be specific.
  • Do you want to run green/low power drives or faster 7200 rpm drives?  If you don't have a specific need for 7200 rpm drives, then choose green drives.
  • What do you plan to run for hard drives?
  • Do you have any spare parts laying around that you would like to apply towards your build?  This includes drives.
  • If you already have parts in mind, please oh pretty please post links to them so that we don't have to look them up.


Happy building!


- The unRAID Moderators

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