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Hi, I have just installed Unraid and is currently running it on a trial.


I have 3 drives in right now. Two of which are 2TB HDDs with one meant to be the data drive, while the other being the parity. My third drive is a 500gb NVMe SSD that I intended to be used for a separate data drive (with no parity).

My questions are:

1. Is the above configuration possible in Unraid such that my NVMe SSD is standalone data drive separated from the parity?

2. Is there a way I could partition my NVMe SSD within Unraid such that 250gb of it could be used as a data drive, while the other 250gb to be used as cache?

Thank you so much. Looking forward to a response.

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Just make the SSD all cache. Cache can have data that stays there depending on a setting for each user share. And with regard to cache, it is all about each user share and that setting as far as how cache gets used.


See the Wiki Overview for a good start on understanding cache and a lot of other things about Unraid:



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Thank you @trurl, didn't know I had to turn on notification in order to receive one thus the late reply.

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