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A couple questions about unraid?

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*Apology for my poor English and poor knowledge about unraid system.


Hi guys, files i'm dealing with are mostly normal sized, but i do collect HD movies and my work produces lots small sized pictures.

So my questions:

1. How much space do i have to give up for redundency? If i have 6x 8t drives, do i still need only 1 parity drive( let's say 10t ) to keep all my data safe? 

2. What are the average speeds of copying large files and pictures. (My Qnap is doing 120mb/s on large files, but pics (large amount) are just painfully slow somtimes 10mb/s sometimes 500kb/s).  If i use some good HW, maxed up my ram will copying be faster?

3. Can i run Roon server with unraid.


Thanks in advance.


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Parity must be at least as large as the largest single data disk, so in your example of 6x8TB data disks, a single 8TB parity disk provides redundancy to rebuild any of those data disks.


But note that parity isn't a backup in any way. Parity in whatever system it is used is just an extra bit that allows a missing bit to be calculated from all the other bits. A parity disk allows a single disk to be recovered from the parity calculation by reading parity plus all the other disks.


Lots of ways to lose data besides a single disk failure, including simple user error. Parity cannot help if you accidentally delete a file for example. You must always have another copy of anything important and irreplaceable.



Since each disk in Unraid is an independent filesystem (no striping), each file exists completely on a single disk. Read speeds are at the speed of the disk being read. Write speeds are somewhat slower due to realtime parity updates.


If you are copying a very large number of small files all systems will be slower simply due to filesystem overhead.



I don't see any dockers listed for Roon Server, but I assume you could run it in a VM.

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