Need 3.5" HDD Mount (not in drive bays)


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Does anyone have any idea if there is some kind of HDD mount for 3.5" drives that doesn't mount in a drive bay?


I'm using an Antec Twelve Hundred with an mATX motherboard (E3C246D4U), so there is some space where a full ATX motherboard would fit. I need to mount an internal 3.5" but all of my drive slots for the front drive bays are taken by three 5-in-1 drive cages, so there is no more space there.


I'm going to put a 3.5" drive for access outside of the array for torrents using a docker, I think using an external USB is probably asking for trouble, so I want to have a direct SATA connection.


I need to mount the 3.5" drive somewhere, I don't think it's a good idea to just let it float in the case. Does anyone know if there are drive cages you could mount say, on the server chassis where the full ATX case would extend?

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