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PFSense (advanced?) config help

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I posted this over on Reddit - but figured I'd ask here as well.


Currently have a physical PFSense implementation with dual gig wan's and single gig LAN. LAN is oversaturated ( 2 into 1 )


PFsense on unraid VM question - 

Config - PFSense in unraid - physical 4 port gig NIC, dual gigabit WAN connections.


If I build a multi gateway PFSense build, I have a question on routing.


How can I keep internal traffic, internal to my unRaid server?


I think ideally I'd like to have a NIC in PFSense that was on my Docker network without going out to a physical switch, and back in a separate interface - however, I only have br0  (along with my physical cards)....


An Alternative would be to keep my LAN traffic within pfsense and only go out if needed.


Ideally, I only need full bandwidth within my unRaid build ( Dual WAN in, to docker minio ) while still allowing the 3rd nic to communicate with the rest of my network (at gig is fine).


I have the virtual nic configured in PFSense to be on my local LAN, but can't seem to find a way to tag it into the proxynet/docker network.


Thanks for any input :)




Would Dual WAN (physical) to PFSense, with a virtual NIC in UnRaid work out of my bond0 interface?


Again, the goal is to not send traffic out of a physical interface, just to come right back in on another (or same) physical interface.


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So... I have this mostly working.


My only current issue is that my docker networks aren't talking to the internet.  I can hit some docker containers from my local lan.




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san-diagnostics-20200629-2205.zipHere are my diags


Just trying to figure things out... 


So... Sabnzbd docker container - if I'm in Sab's UI, no internet access.

If I drop to the docker shell, I can ping places like yahoo.com




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