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  1. Thanks for this - I stumbled across it when my last dashboard took a dump. I have one small-ish issue with Grafana... when I'm in grafana after doing the install, I seem to be in a user mode, rather than an admin mode. I have no way of adding data sources, adding new dashboards, etc - what did I miss? (Thank you) edit: I'm a complete idiot.... I'm good now.
  2. So, this might be backwards from what you normally see - and it's a problem. I have a Win10 VM that refuses to boot (most of the time) with VNC as the video card. If I pass through my NVIDIA card, it will boot. I'm on 6.9.1 and this wasn't an issue with 6.8. I don't want to use the nvidia card for the VM as I use the card for Plex and Emby - any thoughts on why VNC breaks my VM? Start the VM, pop open VNC - bios loads, Win10 start circle spins maybe 1-2-3 times and then locks. Only way back is to force a power off. This is my wo
  3. Having the same issue - Win10 VM, hangs. Running VNC video driver and still hanging. Figures that I'd do this in the middle of my work day.. but ya know... whatever 😛 I disabled docker and was able to boot my win10 box.
  4. Changed from binhex-sabnzbd (binhex/arch-sabnzbd) to sabnzbd (linuxserver/sabnzbd) and have pulled down 200+GB@110MB/sec at this point.. ZERO issues. I would have tanked the server by now with binhex-sabnzbd
  5. 95% sure my issue is with something binhex-sabnzbd related
  6. Sooo.. not sure how to track this down... Fresh reboot - started a VM I have to use, and 3 dockers - binhex-Plex, EmbyServerBeta and binhex-sabnzbd. System rock solid - heavy use in a VM for 15+ hours. No errors in the logs at all. I pulled a nzb and almost instant instability. Errors, kernel taint messages, etc. Where to look? Something feels like when I hit the cache drives hard, I start seeing these issues. Cache drives are SATA SSD's and are not attached to my backplane. I'm now stuck back headed to a hard down sit
  7. Funny... I had igb and Nvidia installed. Pulled my igb card because I wasn't actually using it and the logs reported that the card was unavailable anyway. nvidia card still running in the box for plex and emby decoding. What's interesting... is that I don't get that tainted message until the system becomes super unstable. After a fresh reboot and during parity check, I don't see those issues.
  8. I think the connection resets etc were due to me trying to spin down my SAS drives - I've since corrected that but will keep and eye on it. I'm currently in safemode as I type this - rebuilding the array. I'll feel more comfortable messing around when it's done. Right now, everything (Docker and VM's) are off.
  9. Config - ish: X10SRH-CF Xeon E5-2660 V3 128gb 24+2 disks, 215/2tb total. NVME unassigned for a VM. What else would you like to know or what additional information can I provide?
  10. Here is my current diagnostics while running in safemode:
  11. So.. maybe this will help - this is one of the latest diagnostic logs that I have - it's NOT from the pastebin from the OP of this post.. but still contains: CPU: 11 PID: 16390 Comm: php-fpm Tainted: P W O 4.19.107-Unraid #1 When my server hangs like this, it's unable to create or collect logfiles... I've left the diagnostics command running from my BMC window for an hour or more... nothing happens.
  12. What I posted to pastebin was from the webGUI - that's the best I could get at the time before I had to hard down. Unable to run the diagnostics command while I was in the hung/hanging state. Currently running in safemode - re-re-re-re-started my parity check. ETA 1 day, 18 hours.
  13. In the middle of my 36+ hour rebuild from the hard shutdown: Oct 20 07:29:35 SAN kernel: WARNING: CPU: 16 PID: 11065 at lib/vsprintf.c:2231 vsnprintf+0x30/0x4e8 Oct 20 07:29:35 SAN kernel: Modules linked in: macvlan nvidia_uvm(O) xt_CHECKSUM ipt_REJECT ip6table_mangle ip6table_nat nf_nat_ipv6 iptable_mangle ip6table_filter ip6_tables vhost_net tun vhost tap veth xt_nat ipt_MASQUERADE iptable_filter iptable_nat nf_nat_ipv4 nf_nat ip_tables xfs md_mod ipmi_devintf bonding igb(O) nvidia_drm(PO) nvidia_modeset(PO) nvidia(PO) sb_edac x86_pkg_temp_thermal intel_powerclamp coretemp kvm_
  14. Screen shot of htop while all this trash is going on. I've killed off several docker images as it seems that one will peg the system - takes... 20-30-40 mins to docker kill it... then another docker image will peg the system - same story.
  15. Hello folks... I've been a short term unRaid user... Initial setup was rock solid... then things broke - not sure what, why or how. My config seems to have taken a turn for the worse as I'm seeing system lockups about every 2-3 days. UI becomes unresponsive, and system will eventually tank to the point where my only option is hard power off. I'm currently at that point again where my system looks like it's about to have to take the hard down button. I can't grab logs (been trying for an hour) but the best I can do right now is a pastebin of my