machine check events detected on your server

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I don't want to bring bad luck, but usually these are hardware errors: I had similar logs and I was thinking they were caused by bad ram; after replacing 2 slots I found that the problem was the cpu itself, as one pin was scratched.

I hope this isn't the case..


BTW: after replacing my cpu in a dual cpus mainboard, same model, same frequency, differing only in the step I found out that I wasn't able to I had to replace also the second cpu :(


As I first step I would try to monitor the logs to see the frequency of these errors, if they happen frequently try to remove one slot of ram at a time, then monitor; keep removing slots and monitor the logs, if the problem is solved you are quite lucky.

Re-seating the cpu may also help, but as you may know, the less you touch it the better is.

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