Use only the virtualization feature?


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Hi all, i'm new at this virtualization stuff so please bear with me.

i'm currently using drivepool + windows server 2019, along with diskless server and mikrotik server.


Now I'm tempted to virtualize all 3 servers together and i'm in process of finding which one is suitable for me.

My setup requires me to passthrough my intel UHD. So hyper-v is off the list (can't find anything on the net about p/t igpu)

That brings me to my initial choice which is esxi, but due to higher cost and rather steep learning curve i'm considering unraid now,

but the problem is my drivepool server has 22 drives, and from my understanding unraid doesn't work with NTFS,

So that would require me to move all my 22 drives to new formats, and i'm not sure if i can afford the downtime or buy the necessary drives.

So i was wondering is it possible to use the virtualization feature alone and virtualiza my windows server 2019 ?


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