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  1. Thanks, is it stable so far? You think it'll work on other motherboard like asrockrack ? https://www.asrockrack.com/general/productdetail.asp?Model=B550D4-4L#Specifications I'm thinking of getting one for this purpose..
  2. @tanne whats your motherboard? Reading this thread I was under the impression only specific motherboard would work.. I hope I'm wrong though..
  3. Thanks for the insight, that would make motherboard selection easier. But how come i read some people having issues extracting vbios from 5700g, while some succeed? Is this like silicon lottery thing where we can get different OC results from 2 identical CPUs?
  4. Hi, I've been monitoring this AM4 IGPU passthru since I'm thinking of getting 5700g + AM4 board once my GPU failed. So CMMIW It seems like its motherboard dependant, From the previous post looks like MSI B450 is working, is there any other known working brand? Has anyone tried Asrockrack AM4? I'm thinking of getting their B550 board. Since it's server-grade perhaps there's a greater chance of passthrough being supported.
  5. Can't really answer cause i cant tell how long each blackouts duration is, but i think i'm gonna give it a shot and see if it's feasible, if not i'm gonna revert to physical. And I cant use EBM, no room in the server rack.
  6. So I'm about to jump to the virtualization train, there's just something about multiple displays that i want to confirm. My setup is : X11SCL-IF + i5-8400 + RTX mini 2060. I run 2 displays from my current windows 10 install from the GPU, to TV and monitor using 2 HDMI KVM LAN extenders. Now would there be any issue creating same setup using unraid, since my motherboard doesn't support IGPU ? Would unraid take up some sort of display from the GPU? My windows 10 VM will also run xprotect+. so i guess the Hardware Acceleration is done on that VM too.
  7. Hi, currently i'm running physical windows installation for casual gaming (RTX 2060) + milestone and vmware player for HA. I'm thinking of using unraid and separate it into 3 VMs : - VM for HA installation - VM for milestone - VM for gaming So my plan is if a blackout occurs i intend to keep the VM for milestone running, and shutdown other VMs, that way the recording wont stop. Something i couldn't do with physical installation cause i prefer to shut the whole machine down ASAP. But there are few things i want to clarify : 1. Would running partial resource like this (only a single core VM) saves more UPS battery and thus more beneficial compared to baremetal? 2. The only reason i hesitate doing this until now is that i'm afraid gaming experience wont be as smooth as baremetal installation, any potential stability issues that i should be aware of?
  8. Came across this topic when i found out my X11SCL-IF couldnt do quicksync, a few questions : 1 . Anyone ever used this asrock board + Blueiris + quicksync combo ? 2. Regarding the IPMI and IGPU trade-off, has anyone tried "duplicate view" on windows 10 to get IPMI working along with external monitor? My X11SBA-F could do this, but strangely my X11SCA-F couldn't do this. I guess it's BIOS limitation thing.. But i guess since i plan to use RTX 2060 hooked up to my monitor this shouldn't be an issue right?
  9. Thats great news! Are you by any chance using external monitor? Ive been trying to get ipmi working with external monitor but they always cancel each other, any chance you could test it with this new bios?
  10. My bad, i didnt read your first post in this thread, if you're using gpu card then its different with my case. I'm relying on intel igpu alone. I'm pretty sure i read somewhere your setup should work. Do you have monitor plugged,? and following the bios setup recommended in this thread?
  11. Its not on the bios, its under esxi's advanced option. Once you disable svga you'll lose access to console view though, which is basically the "ipmi" for the VM. Thats why i said its not ideal in my previous post
  12. @bwnautilus Do you have monitor plugged? try unplugging it, it was the solution for me, although i was running baremetal, not unraid. @Beginner89 I believe you need to set svga to false under advanced option > edit configuration Btw, for those who got IGPU + IKVM working on unraid, does it also disable the console display? It seems to be case for esxi, svga needs to be set at false, otherwise IGPU passthrough wont work, it means i can only rely on rdesktop. Not ideal for 24/7 server though
  13. Hi all, i'm new at this virtualization stuff so please bear with me. i'm currently using drivepool + windows server 2019, along with diskless server and mikrotik server. Now I'm tempted to virtualize all 3 servers together and i'm in process of finding which one is suitable for me. My setup requires me to passthrough my intel UHD. So hyper-v is off the list (can't find anything on the net about p/t igpu) That brings me to my initial choice which is esxi, but due to higher cost and rather steep learning curve i'm considering unraid now, but the problem is my drivepool server has 22 drives, and from my understanding unraid doesn't work with NTFS, So that would require me to move all my 22 drives to new formats, and i'm not sure if i can afford the downtime or buy the necessary drives. So i was wondering is it possible to use the virtualization feature alone and virtualiza my windows server 2019 ?
  14. @ramblinreck47 I'm using windows server with physical machine, not unraid, and i managed to do it with above settings except syslinux.cfg The Primary display settings was a bit tricky to find, i think i had to go through display agent menu or something (CMIIW) Just a catch though, you wont be able to use any monitor, the IKVM will display black screen if you plug it to a monitor.
  15. Well i finally found the settings, turns out its inside CPU settings, silly me. But i ran into another problem, IKVM only works during BIOS, on windows it shows black screen. Tried chrome, IPMIview, console redirection. IPMI view android, But all are the same. checked the firmware and it's already up to date, any thoughts? Edit : turns out i have to unplug the monitor! It's working now, thank goodness.